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Welcome to our free resources hub - home to a wide range of inspiring support information sourced from our training workshops, seminars and conferences that'll kickstart your organisation's marketing, PR and comms

Free Resources

Whether you're completely new to using digital media to enhance your message, or just need to take your skills to the next level, our free guides, videos, tips and factsheets are ready to use and cover every aspect of what you'll need to make your voice not only heard, but relevant.

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What next?

Our regular training events are your route to improving your marketing, media and digital communications. Book tickets at mediatrust.org/training

We've also got invaluable research information in the form of handy Factsheets on a list of subjects from volunteering abroad to climate change.

We're more than happy for you to use Media Trust's material, but we'd ask that you acknowledge the source in your references.

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