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Elements of a successful brand

A successful brand has five basic attributes. If you’re thinking about re-branding, developing your brand or creating a new one, bear them in mind:


Everyone remembers the ‘first’ (Neil Armstrong, Edmund Hilary). No one remembers the second. What makes you different - and better - than the next guy?


Can users trust your brand to deliver on its promises? As a third sector organisation you’re at an advantage here because those who seek to do good are generally well liked and respected. The problem is, so are your competitors.

Relevance and esteem

Do people feel any affinity or emotional connection for the brand? Do they like your brand? This is where great communications can make the difference and win you a place in the hearts of your target audience.


Do people know about you, understand why your brand exists and its general purpose? The quality of your marketing planning and execution will play a big part in this.


Bottom line, does the brand provide a sufficiently compelling set of benefits to attract and retain its audience?

Do it yourself?

Joined up marketing is the key here. Every one of the five attributes mentioned above can be assessed, tested and improved if you integrate them into your wider marketing activities.

If you’re planning research or an audit, or communication activities (whether it’s PR, direct mail or an event) think of it as an opportunity to assess and strengthen your brand.

For example, if you’re writing a marketing plan, your brand values could be easily integrated with your mission statement.

But remember the practicalities of changing your brand. It will mean everything from new stationary, literature and any other printed materials, to a new website – along with publicity work to announce the change. Are you ready for the change and do you have the resources to manage it?