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The psychology of giving

Mike Dickson talks about the psychology of giving

Mike Dickson, author of 'Please Take One', founder of Whizz-Kidz and philanthropy adviser.

Mike shared his considerable knowledge of the 'psychology of givng':

  • people who fundraise feel a benefit as much as the beneficiaries
  • we're moving to an 'age of generosity' - creating a world rather than acquiring it
  • generosity is not just about money: it is a measure of self-worth rather than net worth

Mike's tips for successful fundraising:

  • keep in touch with the people who have been with you from the start
  • pay attention to your volunteers;  their network might include donors
  • use small events and gatherings with your volunteers and members to identify funding opportunities
  • bigger, individual philanthropists are more likely to give to 'unfashionable' causes that support infrastructure etc
  • companies are increasingly looking at long-term and local commitments; make sure you can demonstrate impact
  • personal donations are not usually motivated by the idea of 'return' - people are often inspired by someone close to them