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YouTube - Using video to enhance your campaigns


Tom Pursey, Product Marketing Manager for YouTube

Digital Revolution event: Tom Pursey

In his popular YouTube masterclass, Tom covered the following back-to-basics topics:

  • How YouTube works
  • How to sign up for a YouTube account
  • How to upload a video onto YouTube
  • How to create a branded YouTube channel on your site

Tom’s tips on optimising viewings of your videos:

  • Make sure your tags are correct (if you’re an absolute beginner to YouTube, check out their many ‘how to’ videos)
  • Embed your videos in other websites or blogs – spread the word!
  • Subscribe to other channels – it’s the spirit of social media
  • Be active on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, let your audience know about your videos
  • Keep creating content until something strikes a chord. Don’t get hung up on production values, just be an active part of a network and have something to say

The key to success is to know what your organisation’s goals are. What are you looking to achieve? (Is it fundraising, raising awareness or an empowering campaign?) Also, know your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? (Are they supporters, donors or fundraisers?)

Want to know more? Here are some functions you might not be aware of:

  • Try using YouTube’s call to action overlay. Available only to non-profits, it can be used to add a ‘donate’ type call to action to your videos.
  • Closed captions are YouTube’s method of adding subtitles in lots of different languages. Just upload a script document with timecodes and you quickly and simply open up your video to a potentially wider audience!
  • Finally, try YouTube Insight for all your video analytics. You can check the popularity of your videos, compare them to others in your region, and monitor viewing peaks and drop off points.

Courtesy of Tom Pursey

As a Product Marketing Manager for YouTube in Europe, Tom Pursey has accrued experience with multiple online video campaigns with partners including non-profit organisations, multi-national institutions such as the World Economic Forum, and broadcasters.

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