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Spring Conference 2010


Spring conference: Gavin Sheppard

Harness the power of your stories...

The Media Trust Spring Conference took place on 30 March 2010 in London, chaired by Torin Douglas, Media Correspondent for BBC News. Here you'll be able to view images from the day, get all the key points made by the guest speakers, watch their keynote speeches and lots more.

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Watch Media Trust Chief Executive Caroline Diehl's closing comments in full here:

The day's keynote speeches included:

The changing media landscape
Mary Hockaday, Head of BBC Newsroom

How to cultivate your audiences and make them work for you
Chris Ward, Creative Communications Director, Comic Relief

Find out what you can achieve by sharing your stories
Julia Hobsbawn, Chief Executive, Editorial Intelligence

What does 2010 promise for new ways to share your stories and how do you make the most of that, starting now?
Featuring panelists Alison Benjamin (Society Editor, The Guardian), Chris Condron (Head of Digital Strategy, Press Association), Robin Elias (Managing Editor, ITV News) and Dean Russell (Head of Digital Marketing, Precedent)

What are the ingredients for a successful charity story?
Sherry Adhami, Director of Communications, and Richard Piggin, Deputy Chief Executive, Beatbullying

Tools and changing landscapes
Simon Collister, Head of Non-Profit and Public Sector, We Are Social