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JustGiving and mobile

Think Mobile - Just Giving

Elizabeth Kessick from JustGiving talked through their journey taking 13+million users onto the mobile web.

Think about the nature of mobile usage:

Mobile users tend to be less regimented than those on desktop, and you won't see customary peaks and troughs in traffic.  People tend to be killing time, consuming and not creating content and more likely to scan than to read.

Think about your content:

You can persuade your users to use this 'snacktime' for good - but your content needs to be as straightforward as possible; keep it simple and pare down the functionality

Think about your audience:

JustGIving broke down their market into two distinct groups:

Fundraisers:  they make up 10% of site traffic and are the most engaged - they upload pictures, create pages etc These people, being more engaged, are most likely to download apps and get the most out of them, as they can update their pages on the fly and receive alerts when people sponsor them.

Donaters (Slacktivists): they make up the vast majority of site traffic, but their interaction with the site is different; making a donation is the focus of their activity. Apple's app store does not support donations so the mobile web is the best solution for these users.  Most are not comfortable with tapping in their credit card numbers on mobile phones, so it is a good idea to integrate PayPal's mobile payment system into your mobile site, this allows users to donate with one click.

Carry out research and testing:

It's important to get people in a room and see how they interact with your mobile site or app.  You can use analytics to see what handsets people are using.

Try Mobile mashup:

JustGiving's Simple Donation Integration (SDI) - has successfuly integrated JustGiving donation into an Apple app, by taking users out of the app and to a mobile web page to make a donation and then redirecting them back to the app.  See more at www.justgiving.com/developer

Lessons learnt:

  • Apps aren't everything
    They can be a loss leader
  • Build apps for the people who will use them
    Keep them for your most engaged audiences
  • The mobile web is key
    It will get bigger and bigger; you can incorporate it into your website build
  • Optimise for 'snacktime'
    Give users what they want upfront
  • Keep on evolving

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Courtesy of Elizbeth Kessick, Product Manager, JustGiving.com