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Getting started with podcasts

Top Tips

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Get listening

Get an idea of different formats and styles by downloading some. You'll get a sense of what works and most crucially, what doesnít.

Think about your message

What do you want people to feel after listening to your podcast? More importantly, what do you want them to do after? Establish your motives and use that as the basis of your podcasting strategy.

Engage your colleagues

Gather your colleagues together to form a focus group. Let people know what you are doing and encourage them to offer ideas.

Compile your listener profile

Brainstorm some 'typical' listener profiles with your team and think about how best to grab their attention.

Consider story content

Go to your service users and tell them that this is their opportunity to be heard. A story told in their own way and using their own words will stand out a mile.

Tips for top podcasts

  • A presenter can make or break your podcast; ensure their style or tone fits the content - bad presenters will lose your listeners immediately but good ones will engage your audience
  • Avoid using music as a sticking plaster to cover bad recordings or boring content. It can set the tone, punctuate the podcast and move the listener between different subject areas, but use it carefully
  • Have a clear idea of the questions you want to ask and be confident about when to push the stop button. Be brutal, if you only want three minutes of finished prodcut, don't record more than 15
  • Ask friends and colleagues how long they would listen to a podcast for, in order to get an idea of the right timelines
  • Make sure people can easily find the links to your content. Don't forget to promote and market your website too.


Courtesy of:
Jude Habib
Director at Sounddelivery