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Moderating social media

Top Tips

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Top 5 tips for moderating social media

  • Do not underestimate the power of your user - influential users WILL influence what other users think - too much influence? Maybe "Influential users WILL change what other users think" or "Your most vocal users WILL influence what other users think".
  • Do no ignore the legal consequences of publishing content - you may be liable for the content hosted on your site, even if you didn't write it.  Always make sure others have an easy and visible way to contact you regarding content on your site.
  • Do not over-moderate - always allow feedback from your users, positive or negative, and react to it.  This level of openness will benefit your organisation more than being seen to remove content just because you might not necessarily agree with it.
  • Ensure you have comprehensive moderation guidelines and policies - this is essential before you start, especially if you're asking other individuals to communicate or moderate on your oganisation’s behalf.
  • Do not underestimate the time needed - invest time in order to develop your community, and make it a compelling and interesting space for users to revisit again and again.

Your Space vs MySpace -  Social Media isn't for everyone; is it for your organisation?

  • Don't just follow trends, choose the right medium for the job - if you want to communicate big issues, 140 characters on Twitter might not be the best choice.
  • Find out where your target audience is - don't chose a social network aimed at children if your target demographic is adults.
  • Be able to answer "Why should users bother visiting my space?"
  • Prepare for less control - you cannot stop conversations about your organistation happening on social networks, try to influence them positively by getting involved instead.
  • Social networks have a massive user-base - this may be easier to tap in to, rather than trying to create your own


Courtesy of:
Jonathan Gow
Account Manager at Tempero