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Ultra Social Top Tips

Top Tips

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Here are some Top Tips for using Twitter from Ultra Social.

  • Have a plan.  Work out the ‘who, what, when, where and why’.  Who will tweet, what will they tweet, when should they tweet, where should you promote your Twitter account and why are you doing it – always be sure that your social media strategy meets your charity’s objectives. 
  • Big up your bio. Make sure your username is easy to remember, preferably your charity name if it’s short enough.  Ensure your avatar really works when shrunk small and that it is consistent across other online platforms.  Bios are searchable and the first thing anyone looks at so remember to choose your words carefully and include the link to your website.
  • Touch, pause, engage.  It helps to listen first and then join the conversation.  See how others do it, work out what feels right and familiarize yourself with the language. Put in selected search terms so you can listen to what people are saying about your charity. 
  • Dialogue not monologue.  Be open, honest and authentic.  Social networks are just that – social, so share interesting content and tweet regularly. Be yourself and remember, don’t just brag or broadcast, it’s a conversation.
  • Think before you tweet. Assume everything is public and permanent so always be polite, friendly and professional. Don’t say anything on Twitter that you wouldn’t say in public or wouldn’t want quoted by the press. 
  • Keep it simple. Keep your tweets short and use URL shorteners so that others can retweet them and add their own comment. When retweeting always give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the original creator or the source it came from. Applaud and recognise achievement in others.
  • Be human. Don’t auto-follow people who follow you and don’t auto-tweet or use automated ‘thanks for following me’ messages.  Twitter is personal not automatic. 
  • Know your limits. Familiarize yourself with your charity’s social media guidelines so that you know your limits.  Don’t bring your charity into disrepute nor give away confidential information and criticize your boss or colleagues.
  • Who to follow. Find and follow interesting people and your timeline will be full of interesting content.  Don’t feel as though you have to follow everyone who follows you because many of them will be spammers and don’t feel obliged to respond to every single @ message you receive. Some will be looking for a fight. 
  • Love your lists. To manage your Twitter account effectively, create lists of interesting people to follow and install a desktop Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.  These are also available on your smartphone so you can check in and tweet on the move. 

And finally enjoy it and share the fun stuff, everyone loves a laugh.

Ready to start your social media strategy? Use this checklist (printable PDF) as a guide.


Courtesy of:
Sue Llewellyn
Director of Ultra Social