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How to market online

Top Tips

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  • If you launch a new online initiative ensure you have the capacity for a marketing strategy and to manage it once its launched
  • Find the right social network for your organization.  There are hundreds of sites, with hundreds of thousands of people on them - each with a particular audiences, whether by geography, age, gender, or topics of interest
  • Social networks are often about creating a dialogue rather than just another channel through which to push out your information out into the world wide web.  Do you have the time to create a 'relationship' with those you engaging with through social networks ... commenting, answering questions, entering into discussions on posts?
  • Find the right person in your team or amongst your volunteers to 'administrate' your presence on the site.  It works best if you have someone who is active in that network, understands it and just naturally loves doing it
  • Look to see where people are already engaging with your organisation online - are they posting photos on Flikr, videos on YouTube, creating a group or cause on facebook, twittering about you? If there is already activity join in and maximise it
  • Knowing your audience/supporters, where do they hang out online, meet them there and speak their language.  If you go to work in a foreign country that doesn't speak your language, you'd learn theirs.  It's the same online.
  • Websites, e-newsletters, blogs and forums aren't history - they are still valuable tools for an effective online presence


Courtesy of:
Bex Keer
UK Team Leader at Stop The Traffik