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Guide to celebrity support

Top Tips

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  • The use of celebrities should be viewed as one element of a planned media strategy. Celebrities are an effective PR tool and are 'added value' in a media plan, not the message.
  • Your media strategy will determine which celebrity you need to secure ñ if you wish to place your story in the more serious broadsheet press, then a popstar or TV soap actor may not be appropriate.
  • Be informed! Read, listen or watch interviews with celebrities and keep abreast of popular culture in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, radio.
  • Have an agreed strategy for managing and developing your relationship with celebrities to provide a co-ordinated professional approach.
  • We'd all like Madonna to support our coffee morning but we need to be realistic ñ perhaps a local 'celebrity' may be more appropriate and easier to get.
  • Who ever you decide you want, be clear about exactly what you want your celebrity to do for you. Celebs respond better to a request where their involvement is clear and they have a specific duty. Celebs are not there just be stared at, give them something to do.


Courtesy of:
Wendy Bailey
Celebrity Consultant at Wendy Bailey Celebrity PR