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Marketing strategy

Good branding can not only transform the perception of your organisation but the entire experience. Here's how you can define yours tailored to your needs.

LetterWhat is a brand?

No matter how big or small you are, your organisation is a brand. But what does that mean?

Yellow starWhy branding?

How do you differentiate yourself from other charities or support organisations with similar goals and values?

SpeachElements of a successful brand

A successful brand has five basic attributes. If you’re thinking about re-branding, developing your brand or creating a new one, bear them in mind.

HeadsBrand Communication

There’s an old saying in marketing that the frame is just as important as the picture. It’s this that sits at the heart of brand communication in the third sector.

PenVerbal identity and copywriting

If you’re a support organisation or larger not-for-profit, the words you choose can drastically improve outsiders’ engagement with your brand.

CamcorderVisual identity and design

A picture paints a thousand words – and never was this truer than in the world of branding.

FileBrand guidelines

A strong brand is one that’s clearly differentiated and consistent. Your brand is essentially your organisational personality.

FilmBrand case study

For many years, the name Leonard Cheshire didn’t have a huge amount of recognition with the British public, despite being one of the UK’s largest charities.