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Marketing campaigns & messaging

Once you have an overarching marketing strategy and a good brand to support it, it’s time to decide how to communicate your value to customers and the world at large.

This is where marketing campaigns (sometimes called the 'promotional mix') come into play – encompassing the many different routes you can take to reach your audience.

Campaign areas like public relations, direct mail and print advertising have a strong heritage in the third sector. In fact they may be the first things that spring to mind when someone mentions the word ‘marketing’.

In the past few years, the marketing choices available - especially on the digital side - have become almost overwhelming. But whatever type of campaign you choose, it needs to be based on consistent messaging and positioning.

The easiest way to think of how it all fits together is this:

Your marketing plan outlines very broadly your commercial proposition, who it’s aimed at and why.

Your brand values provide the personality and values that support this proposition.

Individual campaigns bring both together. It could be in the form of a general campaign to raise awareness of your organisation. At other times it might be to support a specific campaign. This could be anything from a festive giving campaign aimed at driving donations, to a campaign aimed at those who have lost jobs at the local factory asking them to volunteer their time.


Do it yourself?

A basic messaging platform ensures you’re consistent in what you say – from your website to your literature and advertising. See our sample messaging – you can apply and adapt the messages, expand them and of course omit them if relevant.