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There are lots of ways to market your organisation, the work you do and the events you put on. You've learnt about marketing plans, PR, branding and lots more, but what are the ways in which you can get your messaging out into the big wide world?

Blue clapperboardAdvertising

For most small charities and support organisations, traditional advertising is perceived as being simply beyond reach.


Search is marketing in its purest format. It puts ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ together in a natural and uncomplicated way.

Pink filmSponsorship

Corporate Social Responsibility frequently garners big headlines, but it doesn’t just apply to big charities getting funding and support from the big companies.

Yellow starCelebrity endorsement

Getting celebrity endorsement for your charity could put you on a fast track to greater market awareness and penetration. Or could it?

Orange letterDirect mail

If literature and annual reports are about informing, Direct Mail (DM) and fliers are about selling.

Pink computerEmail marketing

Email is one of the most efficient, easily measurable and cost effective forms of marketing available to a support organisation or small charity.

FileData management

As any good direct marketer will tell you, data management is 90 per cent of the battle. If this essential building block is not in place, then everything that follows is essentially a waste of time.

HeadsTraining and qualifications

To make things happen you’ll have to do some of them yourself – which is where marketing training and qualifications can be invaluable.