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Social media guides

In addition to your main audio, film, or photography record, you may want to use social media to help distribute the media you have created and build a following for your work. There are hundreds of social networks related to all different interests, functions, and type of media, and you should choose one where your target audience are likely to be. Social media is a great way of making connections, harnessing support, and finding ideas and inspiration from others doing similar projects.

Our social media guides will help you to get started and build your following.

Minimum requirements for your digital record
A social media platform that is updated at least weekly detailing project activity. If you are using Twitter please use the hashtag #allourstories

You can use any type of social media that allows you to communicate your activity to the public, for example Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google+

Don’t forget that you will also need to submit a short written account of your project detailing what you did and what you achieved.

Some inspiration
The Ancoats Canal Project is restoring a section of the Rochdale canal through Manchester. They have a regular monthly clean-up event open to supporters of the project who don't mind getting their hands dirty and transforming this urban heritage site. The clean-up days are advertised on their blog (http://ancoatscanal.wordpress.com/upcoming-events/), on Twitter (@ancoatscanal) and in their & Facebook Discussion Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/109908029137755/). YouTube videos and blog posts with galleries of pictures are often posted up after each clean up has taken place.