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Create Connect Change

Just what is it that makes people tick? How do you understand - really understand - your audiences in order to engage and persuade? Can content alone cause people to reassess often long-held priorities, including what they find pleasurable?

How to turn content in to effective triggers for changing not just people's Facebook timeline, but their actions and perceptions too.

Mark Lund, Now AdvertisingThe power of Ugh!
Mark Lund, Managing Partner, Now Advertising



Nathalie Nahai, The Web PsychologistThe secret psychology behind persuasive content
Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist



Paul Mitcheson, Movember UKChanging the face of men's health
Paul Mitcheson, Head of PR and Communications, Movember UK



John Coventry, Change.orgPutting the people into 'people power'
John Coventry, UK Communications Director, Change.org



Michael Sanders, Behavioural Insights TeamApplying behavioural economics to charitable giving
Michael Sanders, Head of Research, Behavioural Insights Team