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Create Connect Change

How do you create campaigns that seem to spread themselves? Just what is the right sort of content that brings people together, and how do you and your organisation focus on the right messages to ensure that what works well today works better tomorrow?

These talks are all about getting the right message out there and letting the right networks do the hard work for you.

Roger Harding, ShelterBeing creative is great, winning is better
Roger Harding, Director of Communications, Policy and Campaigns, Shelter



Sally Chambers, JustGivingWhat's the value of a 'like' anyway?
Sally Chambers, Head of Customer Engagement, JustGiving



Matt CollinsThe story of Mario and Rafaella's ice cream vans
Matt Collins, Charity Chap



‚ÄčMatt Haworth, Reason DigitalWhy so serious?
Matt Haworth Founder, Reason Digital