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Why does some content go viral, whilst some makes no impact at all? How can organisations large and small make inspiring content that supports and touches people? Where do you even begin to create timely content that capitalises on zeitgeist, when audiences might seem distant and disinterested?

The following talks all provide proven and practical insight in to making content to stop and stare at.

Luke Lewis, BuzzFeed UKThe art and science of social sharing
Luke Lewis, UK Editor, BuzzFeed



Hilary Cross, MacmillanEngaging customers through digital stories
Hilary Cross, Director of Marketing and Communications, Macmillan Cancer Support


Jody Thompson, Huffington Post UK

The rise of the blog
Jody Thompson, Blogs Editor, Huffington Post UK


Alex Swallow, Small Charities Coalition

From small acorns grow...
Alex Swallow, Chief Executive, Small Charities Coalition


Catherine Toole, Sticky Content

Frankencontent, the content monster we create by committee
Catherine Toole, Chairman and Founder, Sticky Content