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Welcome To The Digital Age!
The digital age has brought about a revolution in how we engage with audiences, the media and each other! It has expanded the reach of charities to millions of potential supporters, funders and activists; no longer do they passively consume information but interact and engage with it like never before. People are sharing images, videos, audio and text that not only drives the media agenda, but even affects how events unfold.

There are an ever-growing number of digital platforms - including websites, Facebook, TwitterYouTube and Vimeo - and new ones are emerging all the time. Along with these platforms, the tools needed to create the content have also become much more accessible and affordable; for example, we can now all take and edit video with our mobile phones and upload it easily and quickly. Making creating original, fresh and exciting content a reality for charities even on a low budget.

What Is Digital Storytelling?
In today’s increasingly fast moving and competitive marketplace, digital storytelling is a powerful and low cost way for your organisation to get their message across. This ultimately gives you the best chance of thriving in challenging circumstances, enabling you to show not just what you do but to also seek and receive feedback and include your beneficiaries fully in your stories.

Inevitably, the rise of digital media and online communications and open access to all has taken away some control from traditional gatekeepers. But is this ultimately for the best? Is the freedom to publish anything, anywhere, anytime always a good thing? How do you decide who to listen to?

We can deliver bespoke Digital Storytelling training for your organisation. Get in touch today if you would be interested in finding out more: bespoke@mediatrust.org or 0207 871 5645

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