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Keynote Speakers

Andrew DunnettNew Relationships – Charities And The Mobile Revolution
Andrew Dunnett
Director, Vodafone Foundation

Andrew reveals the findings of a new mobile report published to coincide with the conference. He addresses challenges involved in navigating the mobile landscape and how charities in the UK and beyond are tackling these issues.

Laila TakehWhat I've Learned About Mobile
Laila Takeh
Head of Digital Engagement, UNICEF UK

Laila takes us through a few learnings and cases from her personal experience of mobile projects at UNICEF and more.

Bruce DaisleyOn The Sofa, On The Move, In The Moment
Bruce Daisley
Director of UK Sales, Twitter

As the world moves increasingly mobile, how does this affect the mindset of those online. In his presentation, Bruce outlined the mindstates that we increasingly need to understand to communicate effectively with prospective donors. What are the new rules that non-profit organisations must consider?

Paul SwaddleMaking The Most Of Mobile
Paul Swaddle
Director, PocketApp

Paul will provide an enlightening tour of making the most from mobile, from humble SMS to what makes a great app.

Dan CalladineThe Future Of Mobile
Dan Calladine
Head of Media Futures, Carat Global Management - part of Aegis

Mobile is becoming 'normal' in the UK and beyond. It's normal behaviour to connect to the internet on a mobile device, and we need to look beyond distinctions of 'mobile internet, 'mobile users' and so on. Dan's presentation looks at developments in technology that will soon provide even more opportunities for charities in communicating and fundraising, including targeting and measurement.

Keynote Presentation - Laila Takeh (MS PowerPoint, 7MB)
For Laila's presentation with additional notes, please visit http://spiralforms.wordpress.com
Keynote Presentation - Bruce Daisley (.pdf, 2.4MB)
Keynote Presentation - Paul Swaddle (MS PowerPoint, 5.3MB)
Keynote Presentation - Dan Calladine (MS PowerPoint, 3.9MB)