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Lightning Talks

Augmented Reality - It's not all King Kong and 'Starbucks Street'
Sarah Hartley Sarah Hartley - Managing Director, Talk About Local
An introduction to an initiative to use AR technology for useful, relevant, local content that matters. In this lightning talk, Sarah Hartley will explain how Talk About Local is working to keep the reality in AR.

Youth For Social Good
Sylwia Presley Sylwia Presley - Founder, @BarcampNFP and Director, Voice
Sylwia explores opportunities to target, engage, fundraise but also create solutions with the help of younger generations. We look at specific case studies of youth and mobile technology for social good. We also discuss new models of collaboration between fundraisers and younger mobile users.

Location Meets Engagement - Mobile as a vital channel for PR
Heleana Quartey Heleana Quartey - Head of Digital, Lewis PR

Connecting With Audiences Across Multiple Platforms
Mark AtkinMark Atkin - Director, Crossover
What have we learned about how audiences behave in order to maximise engagement across platforms? A whistle-stop tour from the birth of radio, through TV and digital, ending with the converged world of connected TVs that will help us understand how to produce for the audiences of the future.

Lightning Talk Presentation - Sarah Hartley (MS PowerPoint, 3.5MB)
Lightning Talk Presentation - Sylwia Presley (MS PowerPoint, 3.2MB)