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We can advise you on networking with journalists to get your words out there, attracting some celebrity support to carry them even further, and how to build a strategy to ensure the message and the coverage are exactly what you envisaged.

Camera crew and interviewee

Celebrities and charity
Using celebrity support successfully as part of a wider strategy.

Tips And Food For Thought
Advice on how to write captivating news articles and what makes a story.

Generating local media coverage
Seeding local, human interest stories.

Top tips for communicating your brand through images and getting Good Exposure

Guide to celebrity support
Harnessing an effective element of a planned media strategy.

PR strategy tips
Creating the perfect objective-led, audience-aware PR programme, project or campaign.

Sample news release
A handy template for your press releases.

Top Tips for Evaluating PR
How to compare your campaign against those of similar organisations.

Working with celebrities and media
More tips of getting maximum exposure for your cause.

Writing a press release
What to - and not to - put in a press release.

Writing a PR plan
Launching a new initiative, running a campaign and managing ongoing PR activity.

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