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Top 10 Rules of SEGOR Marketing

Top Tips

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Social, Ethical, Green, Organic and Responsible Marketing

Be true

Consumers want to buy from brands that tell them the truth all the time. Honesty sells and makes for loyal customers who'll stick with you even if you occasionally get it wrong.

Share stories

Stories catch people's attention much better than single-minded propositions or mission statements. Find great stories about your brand, products, customers or staff.

Be positive

Don't beat consumers up for their past sins. Give them hope and clear, easy choices that enable them to make a difference.

Solve problems

SEGOR consumers care, but they want brand owners to do the hard work of making the world a better or fairer place. Be the solution to their problems of conscience.

Stay interesting

Like people, brands that constantly tell you how great they are or take themselves too seriously are a bore. If your brand was a person, would you want to spend time with them?

Stand out

Don't rely on being green/organic/fairtrade to stand out. These are now highly contested spaces. Find a unique way to cut through.

Don't advertise...

...without thinking about the alternatives. Your customers are actively trying to opt out of, ignore or block traditional advertising. Attract them through their own networks, get into a discussion: don't just shout at them.

Be naive

Admit you don't know everything and don't be afraid to discuss your mistakes with your customers. They're often the people most likely to help you.

Be a leader

Have great ideas, provide leadership, show people the way.

Show respect

The most important one of the lot. Respect your customers and you're on to a winner - disrespect them and they'll run a mile.


Courtesy of:
Ben Akin-Smith, Head of Strategy, Enable.